I Voted And So Did You.


I voted for Trump. I also voted for immigrants, muslims, and the LBGT community.  Some may ask how can this be?  Statistics show that being white, male Christian, republican, living in Arizona, I should be one of the most hated people in this country.  Everything I’m writing is my opinion, sorry if you’re offended, not my intention.

How did I vote for immigrants?  I’m racist right? I should be since I’m a white Christian republican. Currently we have laws put in place to have people become citizens.  I have friends who have gone through that process and are amazing citizens.  I also have friends who are in that process.  I voted to have tighter control over those that feel entitled to bypass the system that we have in place.  How is that fair for those that have gone through the tough, long process of being coming a citizen.  If you are here illegally, and you want to be a citizen, we have a process. We would love to have you, just follow the rules. If this is racist, then I think we need to review the definition of racist.

How did I vote for Muslims?  I admit, I’m ignorant in the ways of world religions, so this is all my opinion.  With that aside, let me say being a Christian I do not want to be grouped in with Westbro Baptist.  I think their movement is disgusting and is in no way a reflection of Jesus Christ.  In similar fashion, it’s too easy to group Muslims and ISIS together.  I believe this is because our leaders have not called it what it is, “Islamic Terrorists.”  They only cry for having open arms for Muslims.  Again, this only groups Mulsims and ISIS together.  Our president-elect will use the term, “Islamic Terrorist,” which will separate the Muslims that are against ISIS, like Christians want to be separated from Westbro Baptist.  A separation is important for those that are of the same religion, but against ISIS.

My LBGT friends, I voted for you.  I am not a homophobe.  I have differing opinions about your lifestyle, like you may question any aspect of my life. I’m not any better than you, and you are  not any better than me. That’s not being a “phobe” of any kind.  That’s me having my opinions. I don’t love you less than my other friends, or love you more because society says I have to. But I voted for you. I believe there is evil in this world.  Evil is a force that can gain power in a blink of an eye if we are not careful.  Evil comes in many forms, and currently there is evil wanting to come to our country through a disguise.  Currently the LGBT community is in the crosshairs of evil, and if we do not vet those who are coming in to our country the threat of harm against my friends will be higher.  I don’t want that.

8 years ago, I was sitting with my friend, Mark Osbourne, at Anchor Bar in Portland Oregon.  I didn’t vote for Obama.  Believe it or not, it wasn’t because he is black.  It was because his plans did not line up with my opinions.  The results didn’t go my way, but I raised a glass, and vowed to support our new Commander in Chief.  We made it through these 8 years, and honestly, things aren’t that great.  Mostly I wish we weren’t so divided.  We are black, white, gay, straight, christian, muslim, cop, protestor… and so on.  We have a major ME v. YOU complex going. It sucks.  Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong.  The biggest downfall of the Obama administration is the “Participation Award” mindset.  Life sucks, and things don’t always go your way.  That’s the main ingredient to growth.  Growth makes us better, more understanding, and ultimately more unified.

To the protestors, Trump isn’t even in office.  The day before the election your cry was  Hillary’s slogan, “Stronger Together.”  Now our flag is being burned.  Because you participated in an election doesn’t mean both candidates win.  Your fear is valid, your uncertainty is valid.   Your ways of expressing them are not.

I am not a racist.  I am not a homophobe or any phobe.  Actually I am scared of earthquakes. So would that be earthquake-a-phobe?  I am not any of these new hippie terms that people come up with in order to be defined as offended.  I am also not better than anyone else.  Here’s what it comes down to, there were screams from all around to get out and vote!  I voted and so did you. Let’s get through it together.

Fear, and loathing in weight loss…

When I made the decision to lose weight in 2010 I looked at it as just another attempt, and wasn’t going to be too heart broken if I never got results, cuz after all that’s what I was used to. The thing that was different this time was that I made it about me. I found my “why,” and here is just a few of them: 

I was tired of being fat. I was tired of wondering what others were thinking of me. I was tired of my life style. I was tired of hiding behind big clothes. I was tired of not fitting in. I was tired of being the fat friend. I was tired of wanting more from life and not being able to have it. I was tired of the excuses. I was tired of pretending to be happy but living such torment on the inside. I was tired of being a failure. I was tired of feeling shame, regret, and pain. I was tired of not being the best husband I could be. I was tired. 

It took a leap of faith. It took changing my thoughts, and becoming more humble. It took asking for help. When I dropped my guard, and became teachable, I started losing weight. I started feeling happiness, and other emotions that were sincere. Right around the time I hit 225lbs (roughly 30lbs down), things started to change. 

I held at that weight for a while, in fact I creeped up a little too. I could not break past the plateau. 225 was my first milestone. I had been that weight before, and felt confident, so I knew hitting again I would be happy. But why couldn’t I break past it?

I have to honestly say looking back, it was fear. Fear kept me from crushing that weight before. 225 was a comfort zone, I had lived there before. I knew what life was like at 225. I thought I was happy at 225. I could not remember ever living below 225, it was something foreign to me. I wasn’t sure how things would be, how I would look, or how other would look at me. I was scared to experience new things, new clothes, new adventures. I was scared of not being able to use my excuses if I dropped below 225. 

Fear kept me from living for a long time. have dropped down to 165lbs at one point, I know there is nothing to fear about changing your health. There is only more life to live. I needed to stop limiting myself, stop holding myself back, and take that leap of faith. We are all on our journey’s and we will hit road blocks, and we will stumble by fear. I urge you do not let fear keep you from living! Break past those doubts, and those basrrieers with confidence and pride and crush everything trying to keep you from being your very best. Take risks! Take a chance, push your limits. You have more in you than you think! This is your time! Your opportunity. 

What’s your “Why?” Let it be the driving force. You deserve it. Now go get it.